We help parents easily find daycare

Bridging the gap between parents and providers

Any parent who has searched for daycare knows the pain; it's time consuming, frustrating and discouraging. Limited information about providers online and no central location to find openings can make parents feel discouraged.

Daycare Detector helps alleviate the stress and frustration that surrounds the entire daycare search process. As we get more providers to claim their profiles, we hope to reduce the number of phone calls parents have to make, help find openings via a simple search and secure back-up care availability in a pinch.

01 | Fewer Phone Calls

Spend time contacting daycares with openings instead of calling dozens to find openings. Filters coming soon! 

02 | Easier Searching

An interactive clickable map helps narrow your search for providers with openings. Filters coming soon! 

03 | Secure Back-up Care

Find a provider to care for your kids in case of emergency or provider vacation