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Parent Questions:

Where does the information about providers come from?

Provider information is pulled from the state of Minnesota database and includes all licensed family child care providers and daycare centers. Every licensed provider in the state is listed on Daycare Detector, whether or not they have a paid profile.

How accurate is your list of providers?

We pull information from the Minnesota state database on a daily basis to ensure the list of providers is as up to date as possible. This allows us to add new providers and remove providers who are no longer licensed as soon as the state has updated the database.

Are you recommending the providers on your site?

No. The providers on Daycare Detector are licensed by the state of Minnesota, but Daycare Detector is not endorsing or recommending any specific provider. Parents are responsible to vet providers to ensure they meet your personal standards. Review our terms and conditions here.

How are the providers on your site vetted?

Daycare Detector does not vet individual providers on our site. We pull providers into our platform using Minnesota state information on licensed providers. We encourage all parents to research providers using the Minnesota Department of Human Services website, or calling 651-431-6500 to determine if a particular provider has any infractions.

What if there are no openings in my search radius?

Finding family child care providers in Minnesota is challenging, especially for infants! Daycare Detector also relies on providers filling out their profile with openings on a regular basis to ensure parents are seeing the most up to date information. If you do not see any openings in your search area, you can try a few things:

  1. Broaden your search radius

  2. Reduce the number of filters you’re using in your search

  3. De-select the ‘openings’ filter and contact providers in which you are interested to find out when their next opening is anticipated.

Is my information saved on Daycare Detector?

No. Daycare Detector will not save your information, and we will not use it for any purpose.

Provider Questions:

Is my information secure on Daycare Detector?

Yes. Only the information you provide will be visible on your profile, and your payment methods will not be saved on the Daycare Detector server. We use Stripe as our payment processor and never have access to your credit card information.

How do I update my profile?

Once you claim your listing, simply log-in to the provider portal to access and edit your profile at any time.

Why do I have to pay to fill out my profile?

Daycare Detector offers providers a professional, customized web presence without having to build and manage your own website, which can be time consuming and technical. By completing your profile, updating your openings and indicating your back-up or drop-in care availability, there is potential to fill your openings quicker, be visible to a wider pool of parents, save time on following daycare Facebook groups and responding to ‘I seek out’ posts, and increase your income by providing back-up care on days you are available.