Potty Training Toddlers

April 10, 2018 | Malisa Lieser

Ahhh, potty training. The thing most parents look forward to in terms of not having to buy diapers anymore, but also dread because it can be a long, frustrating process. Potty training is one thing that toddlers have 100% control over, and they sure can hold that over you at any time. Little stinkers!

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There are a lot of methods and theories out there from the 3-day method where you let the kid run around naked at home over a long weekend, filling out sticker charts and offering prizes (cough, or bribes, cough), or the go-with-the-flow (no pun intended!) method where you let the child decide when they’re ready and be as excited and supportive as you can to encourage them.

Nobody can tell you for sure which method will work for your child, because they each do potty training on their own schedule and preferred method. Some kids might be disgusted at the thought of peeing or pooping in their pants, while others couldn't care less if they’re walking around with a couple turds in their underwear. [cringe]

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While there are a bunch of different methods, there are some necessities to have on hand before getting started:

  • Potty seat: either a stand-alone potty chair, a smaller seat that sits on top of the regular toilet or a toilet training seat that you install on your toilet

  • Underwear: Let your child pick out their favorite character undies to make them even more excited to wear them

  • Cleaning supplies: Accidents are bound to happen!

  • Treats, stickers or small toys: Giving kids an incentive is usually helpful!

  • Patience: You’re gonna need it :)

As a parent, you have to test out various methods until you find the one that your child responds to. If one doesn’t work, move on!

If you want some tips from other parents, check out this article from Parents magazine. 

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