The Daycare Detector Map is Live!

January 09, 2018 | Malisa Lieser

Last week was an exciting one for the Daycare Detector team! We launched a new phase of our site: the interactive map!

What can be done with the map?
You can now search for the in-home daycares and child care centers that are near you based on the address you enter and the radius selected.

The pins are broken out into two colors: red for in-home providers and yellow for centers. Each type also has a different icon to represent the two types of care. The blue pin is the address that was entered as the starting point of the search.

Daycare Detector Map

Map search results 

Provider selection pop-up

What information can I get from the map?
Every licensed provider in the state of Minnesota is listed on our site, so there are no gaps in your search for potential daycare providers. Once a provider or center’s pin or profile is clicked, you will be brought to their profile page, which currently lists name, phone number, address and a link to their state of Minnesota license record so you can check to see if they have any negative actions or fines against their license.


Basic provider profile 

Within a few months, we will have a log-in page for providers where they can add as much in-depth information about their daycare as they want, including any openings or anticipated openings, photos of their space, nutrition programs they follow, education curriculum, their personal bio and when they can provide back-up or drop-in care.

How accurate is the Daycare Detector map?
Our list of providers and map is updated nightly from the state of Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) licensed provider database, so our map is extremely accurate. If a license lapses, the provider will be removed as soon as they are removed from the state database. If a new provider is licensed, they will be added to our listing as soon as the state database is updated. Because DHS is the source of truth for licensed provider information, we’ve ensured we are as accurate as their database on a daily basis.

What’s coming next?
The next phase is building and configuring the log-in for the providers and the profiles for them to update on the back-end of Daycare Detector. We are anticipating the full functionality of the site will be launched by the end of March.

If you have any questions about the map or the future functionality of Daycare Detector, contact us here. Check out the map here! 

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