About Us

The family behind Daycare Detector

As parents of two young daughters, we know the challenge parents face when searching for licensed child care in Minnesota. We found daycare for our first daughter one week before we needed it after a gut feeling told us that our initial provider wasn't the right fit (we live on the edge). Thankfully with our second daughter we hit the jackpot in finding a new daycare provider for both girls when we needed it, thanks to word of mouth.

In spring 2017, we were discussing the challenges of finding daycare with family members as they were on the hunt for a provider that could take their second child for a year until he could go to the same place as their daughter. They had called up to 50 providers to find an available spot, had an extensive spreadsheet with their findings and were waiting.

The light bulb went off in our heads, and we knew we had a problem to solve for parents.

Do we have a background or experience in creating this technology? Heck no! But we feel passionate about helping parents easily find daycare openings and enabling providers to create a customized, professinal web presence, because that's where parents want to find information.

Malisa works in a cubicle farm doing marketing & project management by day and is passionate about healthy food and natural living. Martin is a nerdy engineer who loves board games. We have two daughters in a wonderful in-home daycare, an anxious dog and love to explore the outdoors and the Twin Cities during our family time.